Join us as we offer up the Prayer of the Day

BLESS THOSE WHO FEED US: A Prayer for Farmworkers, Delivery Drivers, Grocery Clerks, and Restaurant Workers

by Sarah Quezada

God our provider,
we give you thanks for our daily bread, and we offer gratitude and prayers
for the hands that have prepared it.

Far too often, we confess, we have baked and roasted, sauteed and fried, steamed and boiled,
taking for granted the bounty on our tables,
in our fridge, and lining our pantry.

As the virus spread and store shelves emptied,
we felt fear suddenly rising that there may not be enough.
We became acquainted with phrases like “food supply chain,”
and we were reminded again of all the people –made in your image– whose work nourishes us in the most literal sense.

Not even a pandemic stops the ground from growing. You tell us that, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,
summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

We pray for farmworkers,
bowed low in the fields and reaching high in the trees,
to receive what you have provided.
 So many are not from this country
and have been told time and time again
 that they do not belong, that they should go home.
 Now, they rise early,
holding papers that declare them “essential workers”
as they crowd onto farms
 to harvest the food America so desperately needs. 
As they sigh relief that fears of deportation have eased,
they now worry about sickness and death more than ever before. God, we ask you to protect them,
from illness, from exhaustion,
from exploitation, from family separation.

God, be with the delivery drivers and grocery workers
as they stock the shelves and serve others.
 Surround them with protection 
as they watch customers make a range of choices about public safety, which have a direct impact on their own safety as an essential worker. Ease minds and hearts as cashiers step behind the fresh plexiglass and don whatever protective wear they have found or made. Comfort their family members who worry that their sickness is inevitable. Free them from fear and germs as they shed clothes in carports
and scurry toward the shower after every shift.

For those in the restaurant business, Lord, we pray. Remind them of your provision as they worry about closed dining rooms, lost revenue,
meager tips, and slowing orders. Keep healthy those who remain working,
and we pray they may experience the generosity of community.

Jehovah Jireh, you are our Provider.
 When we have eaten and are satisfied,
 we praise you for the good land you have given. We also thank you for the hands that have harvested it, transported it, stocked it, scanned it, and prepared it. 
Be with them in this uncertain time. 
May they know your grace and provision like never before.
-Sarah Quezada

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