May 28 Prayer of the Day

Prayer of the Day – May 28

A Prayer for Asians in America

by: Brian Flora

Heavenly Father, you look upon all of humanity as your creation.
You don’t distinguish our differences as markers of our worth,
but rather you delight in them as expressions
of your infinite complexity and goodness,
reflected in us as your image bearers.

I thank you that your heart is not one of blame and retribution.
You grieve with every loss, and every sufferer.
Your heart is pierced by the collective and individual pains, fears,
and anxieties we all feel in this moment.

I lift up to you my brothers and sisters of East Asian descent,
especially those living as citizens or residents of the United States.
The enemy of our souls has sought to unleash fear, division,
and hatred upon us under the guise of Coronavirus,
knowing the virulence of these spiritual maladies
to be deeply insidious and damaging,
leaving emotional scars that will outlast the pandemic.

From the thoughtless ignorance
of warning friends to stay away from Asian establishments;
to the overtly racist hate-letter taped to the door
of a Hmong-American’s home in suburban Minnesota,
to the stabbing of an Asian American family of three in a Texas Sam’s Club
perpetrated by an assailant who thought they were Chinese
and assumed they were spreading the virus.

Father, we stand in opposition to these thoughts and behaviors.
They did not originate with you.
May we grant them no space in our hearts and communities.

Father we speak blessings of comfort, healing, and holy peace
to those who’ve suffered the words and deeds
of ignorance and reckless hatred.
Comfort to soothe the pain of our souls,
healing to close the wounds our enemies would exploit.
Grant holy peace that we would live free
from the whispers of fear tempting us to shrink into invisibility.

We deny the lies that we are less than human.
We Are Not A Virus.
We affirm the truths that we are God’s workmanship,
wonderfully created in the image of the Divine,
for his delight and good purposes.

While as yet, we have no proven treatments and vaccines for this disease,
we already know the antidote of fear to be courage.
I pray a blessing of courage upon us all.
Courage to live from the fullness of our identity in Christ.
Courage to banish the fear of disease and of our fellow human beings.
Courage to intercede, intervene, and protect others
from those enslaved to fear.

I pray that we would stand with assurance and dignity,
as ones formed in Jesus’ likeness,
and render our contributions to solving this problem in the world.
I declare that we shall do so,
not from the need to prove our worthiness
as “good Americans” or “model minorities”
but as the manifestation of hearts set free
by the acceptance and delight of our loving Heavenly Father.

Thank you Jesus for your inexhaustible grace,
mercy, and kindness towards us
in our hour of need.

-Brian Flora