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LET US UNDERSTAND THE TIMES: A Prayer for Journalists

By: Mike Reed

Oh Lord, our God, from the first line of Scripture, “In the beginning…”
you have communicated with us, informed us, and inspired us.
Your Word is the foundation of our faith.
Its contents equip and encourage us in every form,
whether history, law, wisdom, poetry, prophecy, or the good news.

But even beyond your Word, you have provided us with sources of vital information
to help us to better minister where we are.

Like the ancient people of Issachar
who understood the times
and knew what to do,
we want to understand our world
so we can know how to rightly act in it.

We thank you for those among us who search out stories and data
to help us live as informed citizens.

We thank you for the tireless work of our journalists,
for their dedicated research, interviewing, and reporting
that lead us into deeper understanding of the crises around us,
things that affect our world, our nation, our state,
our institutions, our local community, and our neighbors.

Whether in print or on camera,
may our journalists work fearlessly,
shining light on important stories
even when others may not want them to be told.
While many discount and disrespect journalists and their work,
accusing them of undermining our county, our leaders, and our institutions,
we acknowledge we need their work,
especially in these trying times.

As they perform their act of public service,
may they value truth and goodness over their own ratings.
Give them a greater awareness of their biases and opinions.
and move them to report with clarity and conviction.
Whether in features or investigative journalism,
we pray they would remember that the people about whom they report
are human beings,
your creation made in your image,
even those whom they may not like,
or whose actions may be reprehensible to them.

We pray that good news would surface
and that our journalists would make space to report it.

This is not a job for the faint of heart.
Anxiety comes with the territory.
We pray for the mental chatter to quiet as they lay down to sleep.
We pray against insomnia and ask you to provide deep, uninterrupted rest
so our journalists can return to being our eyes and ears day after day.
Give them clarity, vision, and energy
to make our world a better place.

We thank you, O Lord, for journalists
and the work that they do.
Through their efforts,
we pray that needs will come to light,
and we will be moved to act.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.