Prayer of the Day
PEACE, BE STILL: A Prayer for Covid-10

Just as the disciples turned to you in the deluge of winds and waters that threatened to overrun their boat and take their lives, 1
we fix our eyes on you now, Jesus.
With the unknowns and uncertainty of the Coronavirus crisis,
we praise you as a merciful and unchanging God, mighty to save.

Grant those afflicted with this illness
and their loved ones
an abiding awareness of your presence with them.
May the peace that allowed Jesus to sleep in the middle of such turmoil belong to them now.

Father, when fear and powerlessness swell
for the young child whose parent is ill,
I pray that your peace, which goes beyond understanding, would guard their hearts;2
that they’d know you are in control
despite what they see, hear, and feel.

Father, for those caring for a loved one who is ill,
I pray for wisdom over quarantines
and courage to sacrificially serve
in the face of fears and possible infection.
Grant them a resolute spirit that will not wither under the pressure of time, fatigue, or loss,
but would endure until the calm is restored.

For those being pummeled and overwhelmed on every side, by the waves of responsibility,
I pray for grace, mercy, and hope.
Protect them from the voice of shame.
No one can be a full-time employee, parent, teacher, and caregiver all at once.
May they know you love them and delight in them,
even when it doesn’t all get done.
I pray for the hope that leads to faith,
as they wait for Jesus
to rise and rebuke their wind and waves.

Finally, we lift up those contending for their own life and health against this virus.
When they feel that they’re suffocating,
struggling for the next breath,
I pray that the Breath of Life would fill their airways,
that the very Spirit of God would infuse their lungs with life again.
Whether by miracle or by medicine,
Father, give them the peace and assurance
that healing belongs to them in Christ.
And for those patients who face mortality,
we praise you for the ultimate healing of resurrection In Christ, who overcomes death.

Father, arm and empower these patients
with your promises and your Word.
Banish fear and anxiety
and let them feel the peace and rest of Sabbath for their recovery, healing, and health.

For these families, I pray for practical
mercies of divine help,
for meals to arrive, bills to be paid,
jobs to be retained
and for new provision in place
of what has already been lost.

Lastly, I pray that the community of Christ,
would share the burdens of the sick
until they are able to bear them again as their own.

We thank you, Jesus,
that you spoke peace to the storm
and the waters were stilled.
We thank you that even this wind and these waves will obey you, too.


by: Brian Flora

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