Join us for today’s prayer.

A Prayer for Parents and K-12 E-learners

With just a few days’ notice
we went from being the hub of our childrens’ world,
to becoming the whole of it.
The schools are quiet and sanitized,
little ghost towns waiting for a better day.

Now we are the stand-in for the principal,
the instructional assistant,
the school counselor,
the cafeteria worker,
the administrative assistant,
the custodian.

This is on-the-job training and we need your help, Lord.

When you offered a new job to Moses you said, “I will be with you…. Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”1

God with us, teach us how to teach our children.

When you offered a new job to Gideon you said, “Am I not sending you? ….I will be with you.”2

God with us, help us move forward in clarity and confidence.

When you offered the job of parenting the Messiah to Mary, she heard your messenger say, “The Lord is with you…. Do not be afraid.”3

God with us, empower us to live out our new assignment.

Even as we grieve, let us find deeper rest
in the ways this crisis has slowed down our days.
No morning alarms or school bells. No bus stop.
No sports or activities to rush to after school.
No performances to attend.

Let us find deeper faith as we deal with things
that make our days more frenetic.
Clicking buttons and links in the maze of e-learning technology.
Helping our learners stay engaged.
Asking what day it is as we remember a Zoom call on the calendar.
Sending emails to check that we haven’t overlooked a teaching video
or an assignment due date.

God with us,
you hear our murmurs and mumblings with our distracted students most of all,
the ones with the A+ imaginations and the just-get-by work style.
When we are at our wits’ end,
you invite us into a deeper wisdom.
You assure us,
“Those who are spiritual can evaluate all things…
for we have the mind of Christ.”4

You are with us. Your resurrection power lives in my children and in me.
Fill us with love. Fill us with energy. Fill us with fresh, life-giving ideas.

We may not have signed up for this,
But as we live these new rhythms day by day,
we have access to the full power and creativity of your Spirit.
Thank you for showing yourself at work in and among us.

Give my learners a thirst for knowledge,
a satisfaction in sticking to a task,
not just to check it off the list, but to exercise the mind
and make connections that will undergird all future knowledge.

Give us resolve as we partner with teachers
to bridge this gap in our children’s education.

Give us grace and rest
when we need to step away and regroup.

The pat on the back that used to happen in the classroom,
Now comes through the screen and through me.
Help me embrace this moment
as a chance to lead and love in a new way.

-Darcy Wiley

1Exodus 3:12 & 4:12
2 Judges 6:14,16
3Luke 1:28, 30
4 1 Corinthians 2:15-16

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