Just like living situations, we often yearn for different working situations than the ones we’ve been presented with in these times.   Some workers are bored, while others are completely overwhelmed. Those who are deemed essential may wish for a little bit of a break, even if they are glad to still be employed, while, those who have been laid off would relish the opportunity to work and be paid, even while being glad to be able to be at home in these uncertain times.  Those who must go into an office may do so with fear about what they might be exposed to, and may long for the opportunity to stay home.  Those who can work from home may be missing the boundaries, routine, and collaboration an office setting can bring.   Those who are subordinates may wish for the authority to make decisions and policies, while many owners and managers would love for anyone else to make the difficult and often painful decisions that these times call for.  In this time of prayer, let us remember the various situations in which we might find ourselves and those in our circles, and may we offer grace and compassion to everyone.

Blog Prayer of the Day 4_22