For so many, this time of quarantine has highlighted what they lack when it comes to family structure and living situations. Those without children or whose children are grown may long for little ones to nurture and spend time with; someone with whom to do projects, play with, and care for.   And, many who are parents are longing for a break from the constant demands of being teacher, chef, nurse, maid, and actives director for their kids.

Parents of young ones are tasked with filling long hours of time at home and may yearn for some structure. At the same time, parents of school aged kids may be overwhelmed at all the work that there is for students to do, and they may be anxious at the responsibility of trying to keep up with grade-level-appropriate content.  Parents of teens may be disappointed about all that their children are missing out on, and fearful about the future that they will encounter as adults.

Those who have found themselves struggling to expand their family may be longing for a pregnancy, and missing out on valuable time with specialists and the coordinated care that revolves around calendars and cycles.  And those who are expecting might find themselves scared and overwhelmed at the drastic changes in medical care and society in general.

Those who are living on their own may long for a companion in this time.  And those who share their homes with others may be in desperate need of some solitude.

No one situation is perfect in these times, and it can be hard not to envy those who have what we don’t, whether it’s children, or time, or space, or companionship.  Pray for those who are feeling some sense of dissatisfaction in these unprecedented moments, and offer grace to all as we imagine different realities than the one we’re currently in. 

Blog Prayer of the Day 4_21