Even when we cannot meet together in person, we continue to connect for prayer.  Join our virtual prayer time via Zoom to share our concerns, requests, and the ways that we have seen God’s hand at work.

Please check your CCUPC e-news for a link to join this conference call.  If you did not receive the link to join the meeting, please fill out the Prayer Request form on our home page by 8:15pm on Sunday, March 29, and Pastor Dena will send it to you.  

Connection must be made from a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  Due to the increase demand for Zoom services, no dial up connections are available at this time.  We encourage you to try to connect, even if this is new technology for you.  We are all learning together, and grace abounds as we take these new steps together.  If you have technical questions, contact Pastor Dena.
The plan is that each person who logs in can share any requests or updates, and then we will pray together, either one person praying, or all of us praying, or some combination. It will depend on how many people call in and on our audio quality. (No one will be required to share or to pray outloud. You can simply log on to observe and to join your heart in prayer.) It will be good to see the faces and hear the voices of our brothers and sisters in Christ.
If you have any prayer requests that you would like to be included in our prayer time tomorrow, please fill out the online prayer request form here.
Our hearts are with you.
In Christ,
Pastor Jim and Pastor Dena