Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your patience during these transitional times.  We trust that you have benefitted from the virtual worship opportunities. 

Allow me to give you an update on Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti.  As you recall it was not possible to send a medical mission team in January due to the unrest in Haiti, nor were we able to collect mediations to send because we had no team to carry them in.  The board in Haiti has suspended the operations of the literacy centers, the technical school and the K-13 school we sponsor.  That leaves the clinic as the only operating entity on the ground during this time.  They are not able to address the Covid-19 problem except by way of prevention so we have forwarded monies to allow them to purchase the necessary protective equipment to see patients.  The clinic may close for the present if it becomes apparent that they are aiding the transmission of the disease instead of preventing it.  Our medical experts are in contact with them to help advise them in the days ahead.


Like most operations, FLM Haiti is experiencing a financial crisis as salaries are not able to be paid and revenue has nearly stopped there.  We still receive donations which we send by bank draft to aid them some.  Here is where we come in – we typically support a Walk for Haiti but it has been decided that it would be unwise to have it as usual.  Therefore, the walk will be virtual and allow participation from ones home.   I have attached the flyer you may reference to decide if you would like to be a part of this event.  If you choose against it I am asking you that if you are able to make a donation instead online or by mailing it to the address on the flyer.  You may mark it for the walk.  I know for some the financial future is uncertain and one may want to be cautious but I ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this.


Pastor Jim