We’re in a stormy weather season, not to mention the strong storm of a global pandemic. And each one of us experiences ‘storms’ in our personal lives. With that in mind, here’s a portion of a devotion written by Sharon Glasgow…

If we compare ourselves to a ship and the hardships of life to storms, then hope is the anchor that keeps us from being shipwrecked. But an anchor is dependent on two things: the cable that tethers it to the ship, and the solid ground.

The cable connecting us to hope is faith … an assurance of Jesus’ love, goodness and power. Our trusting faith believes He still speaks to storms and with a word, can calm them. Faith is being confident that His promises will carry us through this life safely into an eternity spent with Him. Now that’s hopeful!

And the ground to which our anchors need to be fixed? That is Jesus. He is firm and unchanging. As waves rise and winds howl, sometimes it’s tempting to pull away from Him, especially when we ask, Why? But storms are opportunities to lean on Jesus, to dig deeper into our relationship with Him by reading scripture, praying, thanking and worshipping Him.

The storms will rage, and the winds will blow. But to believe in the middle of it all, to have faith that leads to hope in Jesus, that’s the secret to riding out the storms in life.

Today, if circumstances and worry are tossing you about, cast your anchor of hope into Jesus and pray for the faith to believe His promises are true. He is powerful enough to calm your storms and keep you safe.

~ Submitted by Mindy Cable