Good Shepherd Policy

Good Shepherd Policy For Child and Volunteer Protection


We live in an age where child abuse is a reality in our society. CCUPC has to deal with this issue as a “good shepherd” by taking steps to protect the children in our care. In 1999 the Session approved and implemented a policy to safeguard our children while promoting a positive, nurturing environment for ministry to them, called the Good Shepherd Policy. It has been updated and re-approved in 2007, and again in 2011. It is the intent that anyone working with children or youth at CCUPC will follow these guidelines.


As a church, we believe that the spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing of children is vital. This policy is intended to ensure that any church activities involving children are consistent with the teachings and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and with the Christian tradition of nurturing vulnerable children.

The primary purpose of this policy is to promote the safety and well being of children and youth by providing clear instructions about the operation of children’s and youth ministries at CCUPC. The leaders of CCUPC require the cooperation of adults in our church who must abide by the stringent guidelines of this policy.

Children and youth safety takes priority. The greatest priority of CCUPC’s children and youth programs is to help kids to know and understand the Gospel and ministry of Jesus Christ. It is obvious that any sexual exploitation, abuse, or endangerment directly contradicts this priority and the values of CCUPC.

Workers and supervisors who oversee youth workers must keep this priority in mind: adults do not have a right to work with children and youth. Adults merely have the opportunity to serve when selected by the church. This means that workers should err on the side of caution as they make subjective decisions involving the well being of children and youth.

A Higher Standard – As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we must strive to be worthy of a very high standard of trust. For this reason, every worker at CCUPC must avoid even the appearance of inappropriate behavior. All workers must diligently avoid any conduct that appears wrong to a reasonable observer, even if no actual misconduct takes place.

Policy Standards and General Christian Moral Standards – Workers in children’s and youth ministry are expected to observe these policies and guidelines as well as the other Christian standards of moral behavior.

For more information, please contact our church office at 724-776-5310.