Our Christian Focus
Our program is a ministry of the Cranberry Community United Presbyterian Church and has an intentional Christian focus in it’s activities and curriculum. The Preschool is a part of the church’s Early Childhood Ministry and is supervised by the Session of the Church and a Preschool Board.

We wish to instill in the children the understanding that God is always there to listen and that they can pray at any time. We understand that these are young minds, which are just discovering the hand of God in the world around them, and we hope to enhance their natural understanding of God. We accomplish this through simple and practical Bible stories and songs that focus on God and our relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. We do not teach doctrine or theology and feel it is important to respect the family’s religious tradition.

You are invited to participate in any and all activities and events of the church as well as preschool.
Arrival and Dismissal
Parents are to bring their child into the school and help them hang up their coats and book bags.
No child should come in unattended. Children will be released at the end of class to their parent or caregiver. We will not release your child to anyone else without written permission from the parent. 
Morning class begins at 8:45AM. The doors will be opened at 8:30AM Afternoon classes begin at 12:45PM. The doors will be open at 12:30PM It is important to be on time as the doors will be locked at 9:00AM for morning classes and 1:00pm for afternoon classes. 

Book Bags
Book bags should be large enough to accommodate preschool art projects which can be quite large at times. 14’ x 16’ in size would be a good start .They should be easy for the child to open and close, they should also be empty ( no clothes or toys from home).

Dress Code
Children should wear play clothes (things they can get dirty), and tennis shoes must be worn at all times. Girls can not wear dresses as it makes using the scooters and obstacle courses impossible as well as unsafe.

Health Issues
If your child is sick please be considerate of others and keep him home. If your child has a fever they must be fever free for 24hours before returning to school. Please keep your child home if they have the following conditions. Impetigo, Lice, Ringworm, Strep Throat or Pink Eye, Diarrhea.

Monthly Newsletter 
Each month you will receive a newsletter letting you know what the themes and events are for the month. A calendar with your child's share day will be printed on the back. Each child is to bring something special
on their share day to show the class. Share days are scheduled in alphabetical order. Birthdays will be celebrated once a month and that date will be marked on the calendar.

Trumpet Book Orders
Each month you will be getting two book order forms. One will be Early and one will be a Primary order form. You can order from both, just return the forms by the date stamped on it. Please make your checks payable to “TRUMPET”. 

Tuition is due in full the first day of each month. Any payment received after the 5th is considered late and the financial secretary will charge a $15.00 late fee, unless prior arrangements have been made. Checks returned by the bank as NSF will be charged a $25.00 fee. There is a mailbox in the preschool hallway, or you can mail your tuitions. Children should not be responsible for delivering tuition payments, so please do not put tuition payments in their book bags. 

Each year we provide developmental screenings through Lifesteps. This includes an assessment of the following: Cognitive, speech, language and motor skills. The Blind Association also will be doing vision screenings. Results of the screenings will be sent home.

A two week notice in writing is needed or you will forfeit your final month’s tuition.

It is against church policy for anyone to solicit or to distribute pamphlets or fliers of any sort on church grounds without the consent of the Church Session and Preschool Board. It is our belief that children and parents should be able to attend preschool and related activities without being solicited to purchase or become involved in activities not related to the church or preschool.

Special Custody Issues
We respect the legal decisions regarding issues of child custody. We must have court documentation regarding the rights of each parent if visitations are restricted or denied. Having this documentation will determine the release of a child to a parent. Please let us know of situation as soon as possible. We can not refuse release of a child to a parent without documentation.

Toilet Training
Children must be completely toilet trained!! This means they are able to take care of their own personal restroom needs with minimal assistance. They are not to come to school in “pull-ups”or diapers.

Fund Raisers
Each year we try to have at least two fund-raisers which help us to purchase new equipment, provide special programming, and toys. All fund-raisers are parent oriented and we do not intend for the children to go door to door. Some parents prefer to make a donation rather then participating in the fundraiser. 

Important Information:
Preschool Address:
CCUPC Preschool
2662 Rochester Road
Cranberry Township, PA

E-Mail Address:

Phone Numbers
Office: 724-776-5310
Fax: 724-776-5315

Church office hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00PM

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