Good Friday is the most solemn day of the Christian year and it is fitting to worship and reflect on our faith, Jesus, and the cross.  This year on Good Friday, CCUPC will host prayer stations to guide us in thinking about these things.  You are invited to come to the church any time between 4:00pm and 7:00pm where there will be a series of prayer stations set up to guide your thoughts and prayers.  This will be quiet, individual worship and prayer.  You may proceed through the stations in any order and at any rate that you choose, lingering on the stations that hold significant meaning for you, and proceeding more quickly through those that don’t resonate as much.  Begin the prayer stations when you can, and leave when you are finished, or stay until 7:30pm when we will conclude our time of prayer together with a short Vespers service of scripture and song.  All will be welcome to participate in this quiet prayer event, although the parents of younger children who are unable to read well may have to help explain the nature and meaning of each station.  We are excited to be able to worship in this way on the most holy of days and trust that it will be a meaningful experience.