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Although we cannot gather in person for worship, we worship a God who is not bound by our limitations. We encourage you and your families to worship as you are able, and use the writings, thoughts, and videos of our pastoral staff as your guide. Our prayers are with you during these crazy and chaotic times. The one thing we are certain of is that we worship a God who never leaves us.

Prayer of the Day – May 20

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LET US UNDERSTAND THE TIMES: A Prayer for JournalistsBy: Mike ReedOh Lord, our God, from the first line of Scripture, “In the beginning…”you have communicated with us, informed us, and inspired us.Your Word is the foundation of our faith.Its contents equip and encourage us in every form,whether history, law, wisdom, poetry, prophecy, or the good […]

Prayer of the Day – May 19

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Father, in this time of unprecedented suffering and great turmoil,In this time of loss and pain,let my marriage be a refuge from the storms.Let this covenant provide a place of safetywhere we can turn to each otherand ease our aloneness,our anxieties,our fears.Help me to notice and value my spouse’s needs above my own,to respect their […]

Prayer of the Day – May 18

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You search them and know them, O Lord.When they stumble in silence, you hear.When they have no words, you comprehend them still.When they hide behind their masks, you are the God who sees.Your eyes saw their silent, speechless, hidden frames from the beginning.Your hands wove them in the secret of the womb.Your book bespoke their […]

Virtual Worship – May 17, 2020

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Wherever we gather, the Spirit of God is upon us!  CCUPC continues to offer online worship in this time when we should not be meeting together.  Join us as we worship the God who offers mercy and love.    This video worship service is available for you to access at any time using the link […]

Prayer of the Day – May 14

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Join us as we pray.  Click the title for today’s prayer.Enduring Presence: A Prayer for those in Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilitiesby: Charity Singleton Craig

Prayer of the Day – May 13

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Prayer of the DayPEACE, BE STILL: A Prayer for Covid-10 Just as the disciples turned to you in the deluge of winds and waters that threatened to overrun their boat and take their lives, 1we fix our eyes on you now, Jesus.With the unknowns and uncertainty of the Coronavirus crisis,we praise you as a merciful […]

Prayer of the Day – May 11

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Join us for today’s prayer.STUDYING IN THE GAP:A Prayer for Parents and K-12 E-learnersWith just a few days’ noticewe went from being the hub of our childrens’ world,to becoming the whole of it.The schools are quiet and sanitized,little ghost towns waiting for a better day.Now we are the stand-in for the principal,the instructional assistant,the school […]

Virtual Worship – May 10

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Lord feels compassion for those who honor God!  Join us as we worship the God who offers mercy and love, even in fa fallen, broken world.    This video worship service is available for you to access at any time using the link below, or you may join us on our Facebook page to for a “watch party” […]

Prayer of the Day – May 8

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Join us as we offer up the Prayer of the DayBLESS THOSE WHO FEED US: A Prayer for Farmworkers, Delivery Drivers, Grocery Clerks, and Restaurant Workersby Sarah QuezadaGod our provider,
we give you thanks for our daily bread, and we offer gratitude and prayers
for the hands that have prepared it.Far too often, we confess, we have […]