We invite you to join us for the next 21 days in an intentional practice of gratitude.  Reflecting on the things for which we are thankful can change our outlook and aid us when recovering from setbacks and facing new challenges. Through prayer, journaling, reflection, and meaningful expressions of gratitude we can develop a habit of seeing things from a perspective of abundance rather than scarcity. 

  • Prayer – We can practice gratitude simply by saying a regular meal-time blessing.  We can open  our day with a prayer anticipating the blessings our day will hold and asking for the presence of mind to notice them.  We can close our day with a prayer giving thanks for the specific experiences for which we are grateful.
  • Journaling – Keeping a daily journal of things we are thankful for can create a tangible reminder of God’s blessings.   Below you can download or print a Journal of Thanksgiving to use over the 21 Days of Thanksgiving.  Each page includes a scripture passage for reflection.  In this journal you are invited to set aside time each day to reflect on the things for which you are thankful – material blessings, the people in your life, and the grace of God, among others.
  • Reflection – Daily reflection on gratitude can be private, or you can share those things for which you are thankful with those who are closest to you.  A regular time to share what you are greatful for with others in your house can be a great way for us to model thanksgiving for others, and provide an opportunity for each person to play a role in worshiping as a family at home.
  • Meaningful Expressions – We can train our heart to default to gratitude by regularly choosing a person who has helped us and sending them a note of thanks through mail, email, or text.  If not daily try sending one each week.  And make sure that you take time to share with them specifically how they have helped you.

Choose how you will spend time each day practicing gratitude.

Share what you are thankful for using the link below or by posting them on the bulletin board when you join us for worship. 

Join us for our wrap up Thanksgiving worship service on November 21, when the items you have shared will be combined to create a graphic expression of thankfulness to God.